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NexFence™ is a revolutionary fencing system, designed to last. After prematurely having to replace a split rail fence system that was less than eight years old due to decay, we felt there must be a better alternative. After all, a fencing system is an investment, and it should last longer than a few years. Given our experience in the building materials industry, we know that below-grade foundation systems start with products that will stand the basic test of time. Thus, a hybrid fence system was born. NexFence™ combines a traditional treated wood top structure with a heavy duty composite base that resists moisture, pests, decay, and rotting.

Because the bottom of NexFence™ posts are more robust than traditional posts, our customers save both time and money. Our hybrid fence posts last significantly longer than traditional split-rail posts, maintaining the beauty of your yard and eliminating the need for constant replacement of posts. NexFence™ posts are sturdy and attractive, perfect for surburban applications and beyond.

When it comes to the NexFence™ System, the difference is in the design. The top and bottom of each post are held together with a structural steel insert, which ties the treated-wood top to a composite base of strong two-part polyurethane foam encased by a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) jacket. This patented design is durable and sturdy. The result: a durable fence that can last a lifetime.

We are excited about this evolution in fencing technology, and we think you will be too. Contact us today to make NexFence™ your last fence.


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